Teknologi Pangan

Quail cggs have been ampared with layer eggs in ngards to marketing channeh and post hamst handling in Bogor area, a well as the quality dmactrristics andjbctional properties. In general, the marketing channel and post harvest handling of@ eggs, f o l l o d tlrc &sting of those layer eggs. The distribution time startedfrom the farms to consumers need 3 – 1 1 @s, dunq which no appnciabli changes in the eg quality were obsmd. The quality atributes of quail egs in regards to albumin in& yolk i n k and haugh unit nwv not significantly di$mtfrom layer eggs. Beside much smaller in size, some observed difmnan of quail eggs nwv higher in the fonn i n k (rounder), air sac ratio and Z value but l o w in f oaming p f ~ p n t yth an layer eggs. In spite of these nlatively minor di~mnasp,a il eggs, fi practically desirable, arc vtry likely able to substitute layer eggs in sm fd preprratiOn.9.

sumber: Syamsir, Elvira; Soekarto, Soewarno T; Mansjoer, Sri Supraptini. 1994.

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